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As a San Francisco-based visual artist, I explore the complex relationship between our authentic selves and the performative nature and costumes we present to the world in my soft sculpture headdress works. Inspired by the recent Covid pandemic and the isolation it brought, as well as the challenge of reintroducing ourselves to in-person social events, my works combine vibrant colors and playful elements with the humor, allure, and threat that comes with masking our identities.

My sculptures, often shirtless and adorned with jewelry and decorative objects, invite the viewer to question the many masks we wear in our daily lives and the impact they have on our sense of self. Through the use of digital photography, I bring attention to the intricate details and textures of my sculptures, emphasizing the tactile and sensory experience of each piece.

Drawing from my background in hand-crafted traditions, my work celebrates the personal histories and cultural influences that shape our identities. By pushing the boundaries of the traditional "mask" and "headdress" concept, I hope to spark a conversation about the ways in which we express ourselves and the masks we choose to wear.